Sunday morning, special prayer was given for the sick among our assembly. While this time of year often brings a wave of different sicknesses, we find comfort in knowing that we can always go the Great Physician in our time of need. We certainly miss those who could not attend service, but we trust that you are all resting and recovering with God's help.

If you have a sickness today, hold it before the Lord. We are praying with you.

"Divine healing’s in reach of every person, and every person that is a Christian has a right to pray for the sick. That’s right. If there’s any among you sick, call the elders. That’s the deacons in your church. See? And then he said confess your faults one to another, and pray one for the other… That’s everybody. And ask any man, any person… You don’t have to wait till some Divine healing service comes into the city. That’s not God’s program. If you’re sick, get some good Christian to help you pray, till you have faith in that prayer. That’s it. And that’s all. Call your pastor. That’s what he’s for, to come and pray with you."
50-0808 - Healing And What Sickness Is