Class Details

The class will meet every Sunday at 5pm for 9 weeks at HBT


Start Date: 8/6, End Date: 10/1

Class Format

Class will be 1.5 to 2 hours long each evening. We'll take the first few minutes of the first lesson to have everyone sign up for FPU and sign into the online HBT FPU Classroom (via the redemption codes) on the Ramsey Solutions Website. A unique link for HBT FPU will be provided at the class.


Cost is $79/person or couple. If you're a couple taking the class, only 1 person will need to sign up via the HBT FPU Page and pay the fee. If you are 16 years old or older (Single), it's recommended that you sign up and pay for your own separate FPU access and not with a parent. You'll receive your own workbook, content access, and personally go through the class. Each couple and/or registered individual will receive a Ramsey+ redemption code for FPU, EveryDollar Plus, and a physical workbook at the first lesson (8/6).

Important Note

Reminder, do not sign up for FPU via Ramsey Solutions after signing up here. By signing up via HBT, you're getting a discounted price. In addition, members of HBT will receive a further partial reimbursement from the church.