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Ukraine Documentary

April 26th, 2022

A Note From Brother Barry Coffey:

The film you are about to see is a short documentary that was taken during my trip to Poland in March, 2022. The goal of my trip was to meet and minister to the Ukrainian Believers who were forced to flee their country because of war with Russia. It features interviews with the refugees and the incredible testimonies they shared of how God has provided for them during these life changing experiences. It was truly an honor to hear their stories and to witness their courage and strength.

We will provide a DVD that will have the complete interviews and extra footage for you to enjoy. If you would like a free copy of the DVD please contact us through this website.

Many thanks to Jeremy Clayville, Joe Coffey and Upstream Media, Pastor Walach Yacek in Ustron, Poland; Bro. Dima Doronin my translator.

This documentary is dedicated to the Ukrainian Believers who have endured more than we may ever know.