March 29th, 2022

Mozambique Report from Bro. Precious

Hello Brother Barry,

I am very well by the Grace of God and I hope the Lord is keeping you well and that you are fine too. We came back from Mozambique. This time around it was the whole new and different story all together. A story of success and ultimate victory.

We entered Mozambique on Monday and we were given great reception by the same Police Authorities that mistreated us the last time. We were very encouraged to the point that they requested that every one of them should be given their own copies of the Seven Church Age and Seven Seals books. It was so encouraging to us and we did that happily. We took with us one pastor from the first town to help us as our interpreter as we travelled across that vast country.

As we travelled from town to town we found pastors waiting for hours and hours to receive us so that they can get these resources which they have been eagerly waiting for a long time. Just like Malawi, Mozambique is a dry thirsty land which nobody has been interested in for many years. It’s a starving country and the degree of their starvation there is heartbreaking.

They have literally nothing. God has just been keeping them by His Grace and they need many things. They need pictures, SD cards, and books, including the single sermons. They are hungry for the Message of the hour and I told them we will do our very best to supply them with whatever they need, just like you instructed me.

We had a very successful trip and I am looking forward to going back there soon. We have established a very good friendship with all the pastors everywhere we went and they are writing back in appreciation. As a Missionary, I felt led of God to take some extra money with me just in case. This was the guidance of the Spirit of God. As a war torn country, many people are living in extreme poverty and l was able to help a few pastors with money to buy some food for their families. They appreciated this very much and I know that it will go a long way to encourage them and to strengthen their faith.

We are so blessed to receive the good report from Bro. Precious and his team from Malawi! Grateful for these brothers and the selfless work they do in the mission field. May God richly bless them and all the Saints in this part of the world.