There are so many wonderful things happening on the mission field lately that it was hard to fit everything into one post! We are so excited and grateful for everything that God is doing for the Bride all over the world and we thank the missionaries who are doing the hard work on the ground to bring the Message of the Hour to even the most remote locations. Here are just a few things we are rejoicing over today.

New converts being baptized in a remote area of Zambia, Africa

Ministers from Zimbabwe are distributing new printed materials that have just become available

Church Age Books arriving and being distributed in Venezuelan churches

Believers in the mountains of Honduras traveling to church to pick up new Message books in their language

New books being distributed to believers in Pakistan and new converts being baptized

Baptizing in Brazil

An elderly man in Honduras reading his new Church Age Book in Spanish

Please take some time to pray for these Believers, missionaries, and everyone involved in spreading the Message all around the world today. May God bless your weekend ahead!

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