Men Of Truth Conference


Men of Truth

February 17-19th, 2017

Following the format of the Men's Meetings hosted by Hickory Bible Tabernacle, we would like to formally invite you to the Men of Truth Conference. It will be a weekend of encouragement and refreshment in the Word of God and the Message of the Hour for young and new ministers. A time of fellowship and the passing down of valuable experience from established ministers of the Gospel. If you are a young man who feels the call of God in your life to preach the Gospel, or if you are currently a younger man already ministering, or if you are a minister in your local church, then this conference offers you the ability to fellowship with other brothers in the Faith. This is meant to be a time of reflection on the call of God on your life and the responsibilities that follow that call. 

The event will be held at the Ridgecrest Resort in Asheville, North Carolina. 


There are only 100 spots available, so register while there is space. 

Individual and group reservations can be made at the same time by calling the phone number below. You can speak directly to the conference center and let them know you are with Hickory Bible Tabernacle. You can then select Friday-Sunday and they will direct your registration. 

Open Monday-Friday 8:00am EST - 4:00pm EST

You also have the option to pay the first night lodging as a booking fee and pay the rest upon arrival. 

Register by calling: 800-588-7222

Visit the website for information about the center and directions:

Questions or concerns:

You can email questions or concerns to Bro. Steve Coffey at:

Or call: (540)-239-4115 for more information. 

Our Daily Strength


Pakistan Documentary DVD Available


Bro. Barry and Bro. Anwar meeting in Dubai to discuss Bro. Anwars leaving Pakistan.

CLICK HERE to watch the full documentary. 

Pakistan: The Truth Revealed is a documentary presented by Hickory Bible Tabernacle, produced by Bro. Barry, and directed by Bro. Stephen Coffey, that explains a history of the Truth of the Hour in Pakistan from its beginnings to our modern day times. 

Bro. Anwar preaching to people in a small village in Pakistan.

The struggles of the believers there currently and in the past, as well as the poverty stricken conditions, make it a compelling story that explains how believers live in these parts of the world. It is the hope of this documentary to tell a small part of how God deals in the lives of believers across the world. We are blessed that the Lord has enabled us to present something like this to you, and we look forward to sharing the story of the believers in Pakistan. 

DVD is released and available free of charge through Hickory Bible Tabernacle.