Adventures Through The Bible 2016


Adventures Through the Bible 2016


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Update : Praise report. (April 01, 2016)


Qaiser Zaheer

Samson Akhtar at Home

Dear precious brothers and sisters,

Appreciate you very much for your faithful prayers for Lahore explosions victims and especially for my relatives.
An update praise report. Glory to God.
Had a conversation with Bro. Akhtar Masih this morning (Our time) . I had a chance to talk to Bro. Qaiser, Samson and sis. Shabana also. They are improving very well by God's grace.
Here is brief report about them all.
Sis. Shabana Akhtar .(Had ball bearing hit her both thighs and in her neck): She is home , taking medicine, recovering well.
Samson Akhtar ( Got hit from his back, ball bearing punctured his bladder): He got discharge from Hospital this morning. Praise the Lord.
Doctors decided not to operate him, they said that ball bearing that is sitting in his bladder shall not do any further damage , but shall come out itself.
Bro. Qaiser Zaheer .(Ball bearing that hit his head(front) and entered in Medulla in brain): He is shifted in Ward from ICU , his memory got effected a little. Doctor said that his memory level is is 14/15. (15/15 is normal memory). He is on medications and under regular care at hospital. Doctors are hoping that he shall recover soon. He is also not being operated yet.
He is out of critical condition by God's grace. Glory to God for listening our prayers. Amen.

Praise God for His tender hand of mercy. Jehovah Rapha, mighty healer is able to care His little one. Glory to God.
Thanks very much for your prayers. Please remember these believers in your prayers that may Lord continue to watch over them and may they be completely recover soon. 

Amen and God bless.

Bro. Anwar

Our Daily Strength


Pakistan Documentary DVD Available


Bro. Barry and Bro. Anwar meeting in Dubai to discuss Bro. Anwars leaving Pakistan.

CLICK HERE to watch the full documentary. 

Pakistan: The Truth Revealed is a documentary presented by Hickory Bible Tabernacle, produced by Bro. Barry, and directed by Bro. Stephen Coffey, that explains a history of the Truth of the Hour in Pakistan from its beginnings to our modern day times. 

Bro. Anwar preaching to people in a small village in Pakistan.

The struggles of the believers there currently and in the past, as well as the poverty stricken conditions, make it a compelling story that explains how believers live in these parts of the world. It is the hope of this documentary to tell a small part of how God deals in the lives of believers across the world. We are blessed that the Lord has enabled us to present something like this to you, and we look forward to sharing the story of the believers in Pakistan. 

DVD is released and available free of charge through Hickory Bible Tabernacle.